Princess Rebekah has a very special sister. In fact it's her only sister–and she's not even a real person.


Yep, I have a sister that's a doll. You see, I have three younger brothers (I'll tell you about them later) so I'm the only girl. When I was about 4, I decided that I REALLY wanted a Bitty Baby. So, I saved and saved my money. Eventually I had enough and I told Mommy to order her. It seemed like forever until she finally came in the mail. Now, Alice is still my friend and I like to change her clothes as well as take her places.

Over the years, Alice became more and more special. She became more than just a doll and I started to call her my sister. I would take her everywhere. She started to show a little wear so mommy and I performed "surgery" (two so far and one in the near future). She doesn't go everywhere now but whenever I go somewhere cool, I take a picture of her there. For example, I studied at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York last summer and I took her around New York and took pictures of her. She's kind of like a "flat Stanley". I have pictures of her on the beach and in the snow or having a tea party. Check out her photo album.


Although it may seem weird to still play with a doll at 16, I don't care. Remember, I'm different. Alice will always be my sister and I'm going to keep her for as long as possible. She'll go to college with me and be on any other adventures that await. Keep your eyes out for more of where Alice has been.

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