Today finally marks the grand opening of my two stores. Be sure to check them out with the widgets to the right. But first, let me tell you more about them.

                                                     Logo etsy

First of all, I have an etsy store. This is where I will sell everything that I make. Right now, there are pins, keychains and a few other things in there. I am looking to add much more to this store in the future including hand-embroidered items and cute ballet accessories.


Cafepress_logoMy second store is through cafepress. Here, I sell screen-printed items. I have a few Just Like Rebekah products in there right now. However, later, I am going to add shirts for the Nutcracker ballet (like for the individual parts) as well as some for UNC. Caleb is helping me on all the graphics for these products.

Hope you enjoy my new stores. Keep your eyes out for new items.

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