Before You Meet Prince Charming is aguide to radiant purity by Sarah Mally. Sarah is the founder of Bright Lights ministries and writes the book in a truthful, honest, and thought provoking way. She sprinkles bits of humor and personal stories onto sound advice for girls.

This book is written to be instructional but it is also entertaining as well. Sarah begins each chapter with a story about a princess. This princess illustrates what the following chapter is about. As we finish the book, we have followed the princess from maidenhood to the beginning of her married life. Each chapter in this book focuses on one thing that young ladies can focus on while they are waiting for marriage. Sarah discusses being a servant, dealing with disappointment, how to respond to a crush, how parents can help, and guarding our hearts, along with many other things. She offers the information in a manner that is relevant and appropriate for young ladies who have decided to wait for the Lord.

Overall, I would recommend this book to any young lady over the age of 10. It offers great insight and advice while at the same time encouraging girls. Before You Meet Prince Charming is one of the best books I've read regarding purity and preparing for marriage.

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