Almost two years ago, I was reading The Cross and the Switchblade. In the story, David Wilkerson gives the shoes off of his feet to a homeless man. When I read that, I felt that God wanted me to go to Atlanta right then and give a homeless man a blanket. When I went to tell Daddy, he said I had three problems.

1. I didn’t have a way to get to Atlanta
2. I didn’t have a blanket
3. I didn’t have a homeless guy

A few weeks later, I was invited to dance at a luncheon for senior citizens. At the luncheon, we played Bingo and I happened to win, of all things, a blanket (problem #2 solved). I knew that this was the blanket I was supposed to give to the homeless man. Now all I needed was someone to give it to. So I put the blanket in the car and waited for an opportunity.

Last school year, we started going to Atlanta regularly (problem #1 solved) and I kept my eyes out for the guy. I saw many homeless men but none seemed to be the right one.

On Wednesday, we stopped at McDonald’s before we headed home. As Mommy was unlocking the car a man came to the window and asked for money to get on MARTA. She asked him how much it cost and gave him $2.00. She also asked him if he wanted anything to eat. He said he only wanted a #3 (which is a quarter pounder). We went through the drive-through to get the food and he was waiting for us at the end. We gave him the food and the blanket, asked his name, said we would be praying for him, and went home. And that’s how God used a book, bingo and a blanket to make His name great.

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