So, I technically should have gotten my senior pics done this summer but we weren't sure who we wanted to do them. We wanted someone who captured my personality and was artistic at the same time and we finally decided on Whitelake Studio. Mommy had been looking at their work for a while and from what we saw, it looked like a good match.

Cinderella 019 
Before we had our first session, we had a meeting with Bryan. He took the time to show us his gallery and get to know me. He asked about my interests and what I wanted to capture at this time of my life. We decided that we wanted to record my personality, passions, and story. To help get a better idea of what I wanted, Bryan asked me to write out my story (maybe I'll blog it sometime). At this meeting, we set goals for what we wanted to do in each session and discussed different ideas. He encouraged me to bring not only different outfits but "props" or things that were important in my life (yes, I brought Alice). At this meeting, we decided to do 3 sessions: one in the studio, one in the purple flower field, and one in the urban setting. At each session, I would do some photos in regular clothes and some ballet photos.

Cinderella 032

My first session was in the studio a few weeks ago. I always feel a little awkward getting my picture made and it was at first. But after a few shots, it became more natural. One thing I really liked about Bryan is that he lets you choose your poses. Sometimes he'll offer a suggestion or say 'look here' but for the most part, the photo shoot is directed by the subject. I feel like this makes the process easier and the finished project more original and satisfying.

Cinderella 035 
 During this first session, Bryan focused not only on taking pictures but really capturing me. He tried to show my spiritual and and balletic sides as well as just me as a person. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience and I'm looking forward to our next sessions. Here's a peak at some of the pics. I can't wait to see the others. Oh, he's working on a new product to be revealed soon–I'm not giving any hints though.

Senior pic 1

Visit their website here and there's more on their facebook and blog. I highly recommend Whitelake for your next portrait session. They are reasonably priced and the results are amazing. After all they see "your life as art."

3 thoughts on “Senior Pictures!!!

  1. I saw some of Josh’s pictures on facebook that he took during your urban photo shoot. These pictures look GREAT!!! You are so pretty! Are you going to put up some more? =]

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