Monday night was quite an adventure.

A friend of mine had a free ticket to go a previewing see the new Charlie St. Cloud movie and invited me to go. A group of us got together and went to the theatre. When we got to the theatre the guy said "That movie isn't playing here." It turns out we were at the wrong theatre. A man behind us noticed what happened and said "Do you want to see Inception instead?" After a little deliberation, we decided to go. It turns out that we got into a press viewing sponsored by a local radio station. A little over half way through the movie, the scree flipped upside-down and the dialogue became garbled. They were having technical dificulties and said the movie would be back in 10 minutes. Well, 10 minutes turned into and hour. I was keeeping an eye on the time because we have a curfew at the dorms of 9pm. We had planned on getting back in plenty of time because the movie started a 6. Well, we watched until 9:15 and then decided to go back. On the shuttle ride back, a drunk lady kept us amused (keep in mind that it was 9:30 on a Monday night :-/). We didn't get busted when we got back to the dorms but we did gain a new experience.

Now on to the movie review. Inception is a very complex story. Simply put, it is about a team of people who manipulate other people's dreams. In the beginning, I was thinking what in the world is going on? But as the movie progressed more and more things made sense. The producers did a great job of taking the viewer from a state of confusion to a state of understanding of a very complex storyline.

There are definitely some themes that can be drawn out for discussion such as choosing to deal with sin instead of feeding or avoiding it but, Daddy would do a much better job of explaining and discussing them.

Surprisingly, this movie was quite clean except for violence and action sequences. As far as I can remember there was no inappropriate humor and minimal swearing (for movies of this type). There were also no inappropriate romance scenes (there is a little romance, consisting of a kiss, between two characters. Also, sometimes the main character's wife is a little sensual but this is within the context of marriage).

Overall, Inception surprised me. It captured my attention, told a good story, and cut out unnecessary frippery. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the end so I can't say if it was worth it (well, it was free so it was worth something) but I wouldn't mind watching it again (when it comes out on DVD).

And that is one adventure of my summer and how I got to see Inception before anyone else…Hope your summer is going well! Drop me a comment about your adventures.

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