January-This month marked one full year of becoming a pre-pro at Atlanta Ballet. I was newly enrolled in Thomas Edison State College. I also joined the Twitter world.

February-I was in Atlanta Ballet's Cinderella, started my first two courses through TESC, and continued to finish up my testing.

Cinderella 038 

March-I joined the world of adults and turned 18. It snowed on my birthday. I started two more classes through TESC.

April-My most stressful month of the year. I started two more classes through TESC and had 6 total going on at once on top of ballet. Thankfully, two ended at the end of the month.

May-Two classes ended leaving only two left.

June-I finished my last class, submitted my PLA, and finished my BA in Communications. The next week, I started Atlanta Ballet's Professional Intensive

July-Pro Camp ended and I officially had nothing at all to do.

August-We had my official graduation ceremony. I started the Conservatory program at Atlanta Ballet.

Graduation 117

September-I became more independent; but I'm not saying how for safety reasons.

October-This was a pretty uneventful month. Just ballet stuff. I did go on a late night hay ride through little five points though. Oh, and we went on our annual cider trip.

November-Nutcracker rehearsals were in full swing.

December-Nutcracker, Nutcracker, Nutcracker…

Overall, 2010 was a great year. It was a year of growth, new experiences, and the beginning of a new chapter of life. I'm exited to see what 2011 will bring.

MC pics 015 
Happy New Year!

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