Instead of going to prayer-meetings to get into a 'good frame,' we should live in a good frame from morning till night, from night till morning, and prayer and praise would be only another form for expressing the love and faith and obedience we had been exercising amid the pressure of business.

Elizabeth Prentiss, Stepping Heavenward

This is just one of the nuggets of wisdom found in Stepping Heavenward. Currently this book is quite high on my list of recommendations. It is a timeless source of encouragement for all women striving to walk with God. 

Stepping Heavenward is written as though it were a journal. We follow the writer, Katy, from her 16th birthday until her journal runs out (which I’m guessing is around her forties). Candidly written, the reader is made privy to Katy’s thoughts, dreams, disappointments, opinions, and feelings as though they were her best friend. She deals with issues such as being possessive of her friends, a failed engagement, finding joy in less than enjoyable tasks, falling in love, having a stubborn personality, losing a child, and dealing with annoying relatives. The relationship between Katy and her mother is also developed quite well. Always having a respectful admiration for her, we see Katy’s view her mother go from being a source of frustration to a trusted mentor. 

 Originally written in 1891, the grammar and syntax take a little while to get used to. Also, the writing and subject matter matures as Katy does; so, the beginning may seem a little slow. The pace definitely picks up as Katy grows and matures both physically and in her walk with God.

 Stepping Heavenward is a great encouragement. Through Katy, Mrs. Prentiss verbalizes the struggles and joys most women experience in their walk with the Lord. I highly recommend this book to you, ladies.  

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