I didn’t really want to write this book review mostly because of the way it might be received. It’s a tough and unpopular topic that many of us don’t want to approach. But as the authors say, it’s necessary. “We cannot afford to be wrong on this issue” because “this is not about doctrine but about destinies”

Erasing Hell, written by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle, explores what the Bible has to say about Hell. It dives into the scriptures in hopes of finding the truth about the afterlife of those who do not say yes to Jesus. The answers they come to are pretty clear but ultimately the decision about what to do with them is up to the reader. Chan and Sprinkle acknowledge that though most of us don’t really want to or feel like embracing the truth about hell, we do. They explain that “God is compassionate and just, loving and holy, wrathful and forgiving. We can’t just sideline His more difficult attributes to make room for the more palatable ones” They remind us that His ways are higher than our ways and encourage the reader not to be embarrassed of the ways God has chosen to reveal Himself. Chan and Sprinkle close the book with some frequently asked questions. Among them, they answer the question “How can God be loving and still send people to hell?” in the most understandable way I’ve read so far.

Though sometimes hard to swallow, this book helped change my perspective. The statement “It’s not about doctrine but about destinies” really hit me. It made me view people differently. I mean, as much as so-and-so gets on my nerves, would I really want them to spend eternity separated from God in eternal punishment? It takes a while to digest, and I’m not exactly sure how to respond to these truths in regards to my relationships. But I do know that it takes courage to believe and act upon them and I pray that the Spirit will guide us along the way.

Even though you may not want to read it, remember that just because you are uninformed of the truth does not mean that it is nonexistent. And this is not about doctrine but about destinies. I recommend this book and I hope you have the courage to read and act on the truths it discusses.

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