I’ve loved hearing your thoughts on beautiful. Here’s a few responses.


“Beauty is what lifts the soul and makes your heart feel full.”
~Joanie S.


[Beautiful is…]” not only pretty on the outside but also lovely on the inside like the heart and how the Lord shines through you."
~Mallory P.


“Beautiful—it is from within. If you use God’s talents that He gave you for good; if you are kind and giving, your beauty will shine through”
~Mary D.


[Beautiful is…] “What God thinks when He looks at us.  He created each of us in His image, which makes us the most intense definition of beauty.  We don't always align our mindset with His which is where problems come in”
~Sarah H.



This is a response to a previous post. What does beautiful mean to you? Feel free to join our conversation either in the comments, by email, or on your own blog. We'd love to hear what you think.

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