For our own pentecost, we need then to pray for the spirit of wisdom, the spirit of depth, the spirit of courage, and (given the over-sophistication of so much of today's entertainment) the spirit of chastity…What pentecost needs to pour into us today is the spirit of resiliency, the spirit of forgiveness, the spirit of patience, the spirit of long-suffering, the spirit of understanding, and the spirit to not go jogging or bowling alone…Our hearts, unlike God's, are forever wanting to lodge in just one room. We need a pentecost to mellow us with the spirit of mildness, stretch us with the spirit of catholicity, and especially fill us with the spirit of hospitality so as to take us beyond the hardness that we rationalize as creed or cause…1 Corinthians 12, 7 suggests that pentecost is "the particular manifestation of the spirit, granted to each of us." We need to pray for such a particularized pentecost to happen.
                                                    -Ronald Rolheiser

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