Some days are easier than others. Today was one of them. Well, it wasn’t exactly easy; I barely had a spare moment and a child put their sticker on the mirror (it’s not coming off either). But as I reflect on today, my heart is full. I’m content. 

It’s easier to be present when we’re content. And as much as we like to think contentment is a feeling, it’s really a choice.  Do we trust He knows best for this moment? Are we filling ourselves with the task He’s placed in front of us or wishing we had another one? Or are we skipping to the next one without finishing the first? Are we going to choose to trust that He is enough? Though it may take a while, our heart follows our head. Maybe the first step to being present is choosing to be content.


This is part of 31 days (of being present). Join the other 31 day-ers here.

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