Just something that occurred to me the other day…

If there were no time, there would be no reason to be present. If we weren’t limited by space, there would be no reason to be present.

As humans on earth, we’re stuck in space and time. Our souls are wrapped in this container of skin, bones, and guts. We can only occupy one space at any given moment in time. 

If I were a superhero, I would be able to be two places at once (or maybe even 3 would be nice).  

The only thing that separates us from history is time. We’re occupying the exact same space.  

The space you currently occupy at this point on the timeline, is the most important because it’s the only place you can be. Make sure you’re engaged, it will never happen again.   

This is part of 31 days (of being present). Join the other 31 day-ers here.

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