Love_DoesLove Does by Bob Goff–This book rocked my socks. An easy read that's inspiring, engaging, and all around fun. Mr. Goff convicts us to put love into action by embracing whimsy and engaging the stories unfolding around us.

Freeman_Graceful-3DGraceful by Emily Freeman–Though written for teenage girls, my friends and I (all college grads) used this book as a weekly discussion starter. Mrs. Freeman speaks to the good girl in all of us and challenges us to live lives of grace in His abundant freedom.  

Revolution barnaRevolution by George Barna because it's encouraging to know the Church is radically alive among our generation even if we don't go to church. 

The-Beautiful-Side-of-Evil-Michaelsen-Johanna-9780890813225The Beautiful Side of Evil by Johanna Michaelson–Through Mrs. Michaelson's story of her journey of redemption from the occult, I gained a better understanding of how to engage in the spiritual warfare we often forget about. 

Adam 250Adam by Ted Dekker–a fast-paced story full of near death experiences, a little bit of romance, and lots of mystery, this thriller exposes the evil we are all capable of and the beautiful redemption of Love. 

Another good re-read [because the movie came out] this year was Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.


What did you read in 2012? 

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