there is a field. 

lush green grass. wildflowers sprinkled all around. 

a huge shade tree to the left. 

I will wear my sundress and run. 

dance. twirl. laugh. giggle. jump.  

barefoot without worrying about stepping on something unpleasant. 

because the grass is soft. cool. cushiony but firm. 

the sun shines bright. warm. happy. kissing my shoulders lightly.

a soft wind blows. caressing my cheeks. gently lifting my hair off my face.

the flowers share my joy.

because I am alive. alive in Jesus. 

He sees me and smiles. I’m alone yet He is here.

my heart swells with gratitude.

because I’m living in His grace. breathing grace. grace{full} 

brilliant green blurs beneath my feet. arms wide. heart abandon. 

everlasting love.

to my right is a mountain. gray and snow capped. strong. solid. courageous.

He is my refuge. I remember the shelter of His wings. how soft the feathers were. 

my strength when I had none. 

hope. comfort. grace. 

the rushing waters roar from a waterfall at the base of the mountain. 

falling into a shimmering lake.

a rainbow dances among the droplets.

His promises are faithful. armor and protection. 

I waltz. spin. skip. my dress swishes.

I am free.

flying. soaring. as if on the wings of eagles.

this is what I was made for.

I am His and He is mine. 



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