Being the first summer in five years that I haven’t traveled out of the country, I’ve been missing Latin America a little extra these days. 

I *almost* booked a spontaneous trip to Panama for the Panama Ballet Festival. Literally, was so close. 

I feel like I’m sitting in a chair (like those blue ones that go with school desks) and white knuckling the edges forcing myself to stay put.

I’ve been seeing friends leave on their summer adventures and feeling a twinge of —  shall I even admit it? — jealousy. 

So I pray — Because that’s the closest thing to going being able to go myself.

Then I realize— while I’m over here wishing I was somewhere else, I’m missing what’s in front of me. 

God has basically dropped a mission in my lap!

A group of girls eager to study scripture. Students and co-workers who need encouragement. An amazing 18-19 season for Bluebird to prepare for. 

And so, I stay. 

I’m reminded of Psalm 37. 

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness ~Ps. 37:3


May we be diligent to steward the moment, not wishing we were somewhere else but seeing the opportunities before us from the perspective of eternity and being obedient to persevere in the Spirit. Teach us to trust and help us remember, Lord.


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