The first “big kid” roller coaster I rode was the Mind Bender at Six Flags (Dahlonega Mine Train doesn’t count). I was so excited to go on “the one with the loops” and talking a big game while we waited in line. But as soon as we got strapped in, a pang of trepidation hit my heart and tears filled my eyes. What was I doing? This was actually kind of scary.

“Do you trust me?” Daddy whispered in my ear. “Yes” I whimpered. I knew Daddy had done this before. I knew that he would never willingly put me in danger (if anything, he would protect me from it). I knew that he would never ask me to do something without reason. He had a proven track record of taking care of me. I took his word without a doubt that the risk was worth the reward. Of course I trusted him.

Needless to say, the next time that little train came back to the loading platform, I was all smiles.

I think God does this with life sometimes. At the beginning of 2017 I asked God for fearless trust in the coming year. No particular reason except that it had a nice ring to it and definitely was something to aspire towards in my faith journey. Little did I know what it would take to practice trusting fearlessly. Over the past year and a half, I’ve found myself in several situations in which I had no control over the outcome — these outcomes had repercussions into the future both financially and relationally.

I was getting strapped into the roller coaster and was easy to start whimpering at the big loops and what-ifs ahead. But God was right there whispering “Do you trust me?” Yes, I trust you, Abba. And the little train pulled out of the loading platform to start ticking up that first hill…

Three years later, I’m not sure it’s come back to the loading platform (it probably won’t until I see Jesus face to face, haha) but I’m choosing to enjoy the ride in the mean time; trusting He’s got it under control and will never fail to put His faithfulness on display.

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