Words fail. This post is insufficient but it’s a start.

My heart hurts.
For our country.
For my beloved city of Atlanta.
For my black friends and community.

NO ONE should lose their life at the hands of another.
NO ONE should be judged or treated differently because of the color of their skin.
NO ONE should feel like they are unworthy of being heard.

I don’t understand. And I know there are some things I will never understand. I realize there are some things I will never experience simply because of the circumstances in which I was born and raised.

This world is broken.
This country is broken.
Our cities are broken.
I am broken.

Kyrie Elieson. Lord, have mercy. Jesus be near.

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around everything for the past few days but I can’t. There are so many layers. So many emotions. So many messages floating across my screen. So many facts, statistics, stories, images, opinions, articles, dos/don’ts, videos, graphs, arguments, assumptions, pleas, and prayers. It’s overwhelming.

The only thing I can really control is myself and how I interact with + steward my sphere. So today, I stand with renewed resolve to champion the dignity of my fellow human beings. May I listen attentively (and take notes) to gain a better perspective. May I seek to align my heart with God’s even when it’s uncomfortable to my flesh. May I courageously speak when needed. And may others experience Jesus in our interactions.

I keep asking myself, “what can I do? How can I be a part of the solution?” And yes, there are practical steps I can take but in the end, racism is a heart issue that can only be rooted out with a heart transplant.

I can’t do that.
But Jesus.
He can.

Jesus, this world needs you. Come turn hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.

I pray for the American Church.
Because of Jesus, we are reconciled back to God; let us also, be reconciled to our brothers and sisters.

Our God is a God of justice.
Let us discern with wisdom how to best reflect that attribute of His character.

Our God is Prince of Peace.
Let us seek to remember that vengeance is the Lord’s alone.

Our God is a God of order; not chaos.
Let us seek unity as we celebrate our diversity.

Our God is El Roi, the God who sees.
Let us see people as you do, Lord, precious beings created in your image.

Our God is compassionate.
Let us lay aside our assumptions that we might see another perspective.

Our God is gracious.
Let us extend the grace that has been extended to us.

Our God is slow to anger.
Let us healthily steward our emotions towards solutions

Our God is abounding in love.
Jesus, let us tangibly love as you do; heal our hearts and our land.

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