El Roi — The God Who Sees

He sees you.
He sees your faithful obedience.
He sees the longings of your heart.
He see you surrendering those dreams.
He sees it all. All is not in vain.

In the waiting, He is working.
There is no magic formula.
What pride it is to think there might be.
To think we could somehow manipulate the God of the universe.

Lord, your dreams for us are beyond imagination.
Teach us to delight in you.
You are the God who sees.
Let us be people who see.

People who see your faithfulness.
People who see provision in the longings.
Grace in surrender.

Let us persevere with our eyes, minds, and hearts fixed on the Author and Perfecter of our faith.
Let us not become bitter or cynical or annoyed.
Grant us patience.
You are not withholding good from us.
Teach us to trust.

Thank you that we are not hidden from you.
Thank you for inviting us into the Grand Narrative.
Thank you for seeing us.

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