It’s been an easy year to be negative but in the words of Anne of Green Gables, “let us look on the bright side of things”…so, the the spirit of gratitude, here are twenty things 2020 has brought into my life that I ain’t mad at:

  1. Paddle boarding
  2. Estate sales
  3. Podcasting
  4. Pizzelle making
  5. RZIM Academy + Connect
  6. Peloton workouts
  7. Care/of vitamins
  8. Rebecca St. James’ new EP
  9. Paper mache hot air balloons
  10. Tie-dye
  11. Chacos
  12. DIY natural hair lightening
  13. Progressing Ballet Technique
  14. AHA sparkling water
  15. The Chosen
  16. Embroidering my vintage jean jacket
  17. Disney+
  18. Exploring cemeteries
  19. Axe throwing
  20. Pleated skirts and collared shirts

What are you grateful for?

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