A lot of the time I share Peter Pan’s sentiments when he emphatically sings “I won’t grow up.” And I think, to a degree, that’s a healthy attitude to have as we fight to maintain a childlike wonder + curiosity in a broken world.

Yet, often it’s led me to mourn getting older as if it were a bad thing.

Lately, I’ve realized more keenly the perspective age can bring. Nearing the end of my twenties, I’m starting to see the fruit of seeds sown in intentionality and God’s faithfulness is coming to life in a whole new way. Though it can be bitter to leave certain seasons behind, this life adventure only gets sweeter. Growing up isn’t all that bad.

Friends, may we continue to find the magic in the world + grace in the moment, fixing our eyes on Jesus as we faithfully steward the time and take hold of the abundant life found in Him

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