Caleb is my big-little brother. Even though he is 17 months younger than me, at 14, Caleb is four inches taller. He is mostly known as the quiet one in the family; he only says what is necessary. However, once you get to know him, Caleb is pretty talkative and has some great one-liners. Caleb's passion is swimming. He swims for the Tidal Waves and his favorite events are the 50 Free, and the 100 and 200 breaststroke.


                     This is Caleb on his 13th b-day. He got to fly in a WWI airplane.

Caleb is also the family IT guy. He helps us whenever we have a computer problem and does a lot of our graphic design (he did my banner and the store advertisement). He's also the only one in our family to have a Mac. This brings me to Caleb's other interests. He loves animation and movie making. Since he got Poser 7  and Vue 6 for his birthday, he's been animating during most of his spare time. So far, he's animated a mini-movie about SurfDude and NerfGuy. Joshua and Caleb work together on making movies and they hope to make it a business some day. Their website, Broadcast Production is not ready yet but keep checking back to know when it will be.


                                                         SurfDude and NerfGuy


Caleb is a great guy. He's creative, smart, handsome, and loves the Lord. Here are some interesting facts about him. The above picture is from his 13th b-day; he got to fly in a WWI biplane.

Caleb in a snapshot:

  • Favorite food: Hamburgers and Tacos
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite word: good
  • Hates it when…: Rebekah tries to hug me. The result…



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