Joshua is the moviestar of the family. He's a people person, a politician, and an actor. With him around, there's never a dull moment.

This week is actually very special for Joshua. On the 12th he will turn 13 and enter the age of the teenager. So, here's to J-,  HAPPBIRTHDAY!!!


As I said before, J- is our moviestar. He is currently in the process of filming a movie called "The Year of Easter" that is scheduled for release in theaters around Easter of next year (Click on this link to see clips from the movie "The Year of Easter" is about a portion of the life of a girl, Yvonne, and he is her brother.


Joshua is the most talkative person in our family. He can carry on a conversation with anybody and can persuade anyone to believe his side of an argument. Joshua is also our animal lover but the only pet he currently owns is a hermit crab named Joe. We love Joshua. He loves the Lord as well as people and seeks to glorify Him.

J- in a nutshell:

Favorite food: steak and shrimp

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite verse: Job 42:2

Interesting Fact: When I was Clara in the Nutcracker of 2006, Joshua played Fritz. So he was my brother on stage and off.


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