So, school's finally out and the days of freedom (from deadlines, tests, and school nights) are here. What are you going to do with all that time? Well, for me, I'm going to be dancing all summer. For five weeks, I'll be gone (don't worry, I have some posts stockpiled, so it will appear that I am here 😉 at two summer intensives.

This year, the theme for my trip is popsicles and ice cream. No, I'm not going to eat them all summer. But I am going to decorate my room with them. I have popsicle sheets and lights and pajamas (Mommy made them). I'm even going to give the girls on my hall popsicle keychains.


Because this year's theme is popsicles and ice cream, I thought it would be cool to give you some ideas for summer fun.

1. Have a family Sundae night. Make your own sundaes with interesting toppings.

2. Make this ice cream cone that won't drip. Click here

3. Dream up a new ice cream flavor. See who can come up with the wackiest, tastiest, or weirdest dream flavor and imagine what it would taste like. How about double fudge, cookie dough? Yum.

4. Make your own popsicles. Freeze Kool-Aid in small disposable cups with a stick stuck in it. For extra zip, drop a bit of fruit in before freezing.

5. Celebrate National Ice Cream month in July!


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