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So, now that you've read about all of my other family members, I guess you want to know more about me. Well, my name is Rebekah (obviously) and I'm a princess of the King of Kings. Next to God and my family, I love ballet. Here's a closer look. 

When I was almost 3 years old, I told Mommy that I wanted to take ballet. She found me classes and I was hooked. I started my formal traning when we moved to the house we are in now. Since then, I have attended several intensves. Last year, I went to New York City and studied at the Joffrey Ballet School for 2 weeks. It was a great experience. This year, I will be gone for 5 weeks of intensives. I use dancing as a tool to worship the Lord and I hope that my audience will see Him through me.


Apart from doing ballet 5 days a week, I am also home-educated. I am currently going into 11th grade. Last year and in the coming year, I am doing an online program through Belhaven College called High Scholars (see the link on the left for more info). It's a high school worldview curriculum and I'm enjoying it a lot. I also do math, science and Latin.

School and ballet take up most of my time but when I have free time, I like to read, knit, hand embroider, sew, and hang out with my family. Right now, I am working on getting my business called Just Like Rebekah up and running. Soon, I will have an online store. Well, that's it about me for now, see you next week. 🙂


Stuff you might find interesting about me:

Favorite color: Hot Pink

Favorite music artist: I really like tobymac but  I also like the music from classical ballets. In that category, I like Tchaikovsky.

Favorite verse: Joshua 1:9

Favorite role played in The Nutcracker: Clara

Last movie watched: 27 Dresses 

Live as children of Light… and find out what pleases the Lord. ~Ephesians 5:8-10

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