I was going to have a cute video for you this week but Caleb couldn't get it uploaded to youtube. So instead, I'm going to introduce a fun addition to your dance wardrobe–the Ashleyanne.            

          Skirt 3    Skirt 2   Skirt 25

This is a pull-on skirt that is very fun to wear. It's cute, stylish and it comes in all kinds of colors. The Ashleyanne was created by professional dancer, Ashleyanne Spinks and is the most innovative dance skirt to date. It has no ties or ribbons that come undone as well as no elastic waistband. And with the wide variety of colors and prints, there is a skirt to match every leotard. 

I have an Ashleyanne and I love it. To learn more or to order your own skirt, visit the website here

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