Sorry I missed the post yesterday. The past few days have been crazy. So, I guess you want to know what I've done since I last left you.


Wednesday I had a TV interview in the freezing cold morning (I'm getting a DVD so maybe I can put it on YouTube).Then we had rehearsal and finished the finale and opening sections. I was excited that we got to end in a fish dive and that Alex made me do triple partnered pirouettes (thanks Alex). Then we went out to dinner with Valerie.


On Thursday, Katy came back and we had a later rehearsal where we ran through everything, tweaking and perfecting.

Friday, we had class and rehearsal. We marked through our variations and then headed over to the Theatre. At the theatre, Katy and I visited some classrooms in our tutus. The kids were so amazed at our pointe shoes and wondered how our tutus stood out. Then we had dress rehearsal which went ok. After dress rehearsal we had the first show. It went pretty well.


Saturday, we went into town for a little while, ate at Sweet Life and then returned to the theatre for a run through of the show. Here Valerie told me to be more playful with my variation and to own the stage like it was my kingdom (which it was).


Sunday, we packed up and headed to the theatre for our last show. I worked on being more playful and Valerie said it was better. I actually felt like the first show was better (steps wise) but everyone else thought the second one was. After the show I said bye to Valerie and we followed Alex to his house where we stayed the night.


100_0659               100_0663 

Then, we got on the plane this morning to come home. We got to Atlanta around 2:00 and I called Ms. Joanie to see when she needed me to work with James for Snow Queen. She said to stop by the studion on the way home and she would tell me then. Well, I got to the studio and we decided to do it then and there. So I learned the pas part for snow queen which is really fun. And tomorrow we have dress rehearsal.

So, I'm just all Nutcracker all the time right now. I am so grateful to God and Valerie for this opportunity. I have learned so much and gained a great experience. Well, I better go to sleep; I've gotta get some school done in the morning before Laura comes to visit on Wednesday (yay!!). TTYL, Rebekah 


 PS-let me know how your Nutcracker has been going by leaving a comment.  

PPS-you can read the newspaper article that was in the Telluride Daily Planet here.


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