Aunt mary and us

Well, I'm back…did you guess where I was? I was at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's Intensive Summer Program. It was a good experience. I stayed with my Aunt Mary and Laura stayed with me too. Aunt Mary took us a lot of cool places (such as the incline up Mt. Washington, her friend's garden, fireworks at the waterfront and a relative's house). 

The intensive at PBT was challenging and I definitely gained new experiences. One of my favorite parts was that I got to set a piece of my own choreography on my peers. I chose to do a peice to music from Pirates of the Caribbean. It was cool to experience being on the other side of a work of art.

Pitt 8 023

One of the things that God has been teaching me this summer is that God has each of us on a different path and we just need to trust Him. He doesn't teach everyone at the same time or the same things.

Pitt 7 023

Hope everyone is having a great summer. Drop me a comment on how it's going. I have a lot to catch up on so keep looking for posts all this week.


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