Well, Nutcracker is finally over. It's kinda sad but if it went on forever it wouldn't be special. And with over 20 shows, sometimes you need a break. With this being my last post for Nutcracker this year, I'll feature the lamb role. (Below photo from here)


 Lamb was my favorite part this year. It was fun to make up silly things for the little improv part in the middle of the dance and a new experience to dance in a costume that fully covered me from head to toe–literally. Lamb also stretches your artistry in that you have to act like an animal, and dance like a human without using facial expressions.

This was the first role that I had to spray my shoes. Before dress rehearsal, Lauren (another lamb) and I headed out to the wind tunnel near the stage door with a can of black spray paint and our shoes. After spraying out in the cold, we brought our shoes in to dry.

Nutcracker 2009-1 040 
During the middle of Snow scene I head downstairs to stage left to get dressed. First, I put on the legs to my under unitard. Then, I put on my shoes. The hands to the unitard are like mittens so that's why I wait to put them on later. After my shoes are on, I put the rest of the unitard on and then put on the big, fluffy, pink, lamb suit.

Nutcracker 2009-PJparty 054
 After getting snapped into the lamb suit, I head over to the head peice table on stage right to get my head. The head was the hardest part to get used to. You have very limited vision, so you definitely have to "feel" the other person to be on the music. Also, it kind of inhibits your breathing so it can get a bit stuffy, especially when most of the dance is jumping.

Nutcracker 2009-1 074
 During intermission, the other lamb and I decide what we're going to do for our little acting part. Then, Act II starts. We wait during the two variations then towards the end of Spanish, I start to put my head on. After Chinese, we're on. Then we wait for finale and then bows. And that's a snippet of being a lamb. This is a picture of me with the Baby Lamb for our cast.

Two lambs Nut. 09
On Tuesday, my family came to watch. The liked it a lot. Carolyn, also came and took care of Alice during the show. She had a great time as well. That's it for Nutcracker this year, only 9 more months until we start rehearsals for it again. Hope you enjoyed sharing the magic with me.

Me and Carolyn- Nut. 09

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