Cinderella coach K. Kenney Photo by: Kim Kenney

The first weekend of Cinderella is over and it went quite well. A few weeks ago, I was cast as a nymph in the show. After a few rehearsals, opening night was here and we were out there in all our glittery splendor. But enough about my minor part here's a little about this year's production.

The Cinderella story was originally written and published by the Grimm brothers in 1634 and revised by Charles Perrault in 1697. In 1945, Prokofiev composed the score for a ballet version of the story (wikipedia). Previously, Atlanta Ballet has performed the Ben Stevenson version of the ballet, borrowing costumes and sets from the Houston Ballet (the above picture is from this production). This year, Artistic Director, John McFall has re-staged the whole ballet with sets and costumes from the Washington Ballet. It's a charming and magical production for all ages.

Here are a few pics from backstage.

Cinderella 004
Cinderella 003 

Cinderella 001
Lauren as the lead bee. I was learning this part but turned out to be too tall (imagine that!) to do it.

Cinderella 036 
  Me and Laura waiting for permission to go downstairs.  

We're at the Cobb Energy Centre until the 14th. Come see it if you can!

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