In addition to my studio shoot with Whitelake Studio, we also did two on location shoots. First, we went to a purple flower field (actually it is a cultivated weed). I did some pictures in the tutu and pointe shoes. It was so hard to "dance" on the uneven ground. For a few pictures, I tried to stand on a stump. We also did some casual pictures in my white sun dress. Mostly these were done in a field with hay bales. Bryan got one really cool picture (actually he got a lot of cool pics) of me blowing a dandelion. As usual, it was a very relaxed shoot where I got to choose most of the poses.

image from

The third shoot was in an urban setting. We did some in the tutu at train tracks. These turned out very nice. We also did an alley way which produced some great shots. In both locations Joshua got to hold the reflector to get the best lighting.

Alley 1 Alley 2 
Finished products and more detail about what we did after the shoots coming soon.

One thought on “Whitelake Shoots 2 and 3

  1. Glad you enjoyed the sessions Rebekah.You are a fantastic dancer and model and I know the final results (especially the art piece) are going to be over the top! Joshua seemed to enjoy the technical side of the sessions as well. Your whole family is so talented, I look forward to doing many more projects with your family in the future.
    Thanks, Bryan

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