Yes, we did a garden again this year, I just haven't had time to document it as much. Now that I'm only completing my last two classes, I have a little more time.

1st try Sally 112
This year we planted a lot of the same plus a few experiments. We didn't plant as many peppers but we did try several different tomatoes to see which ones we like best (Mr. Stripeys, Bit Berthas, Big Beef Steaks, and others).

1st try Sally 090

And we've got some cucumbers, strawberries, potatoes, and onions.

1st try Sally 088 
And of course peaches… two different kinds

1st try Sally 022
1st try Sally 110 And some potatoes, apples (that aren't doing too well), squash, turnip greens, bush beans, lettuce, and a mystery (Daddy forgot what it was but he thinks it could be watermelon) 
 1st try Sally 008
And we've added this adorable kitten to the family. Opie's an outdoor cat because of Caleb and Mommy's allergies but she's gotten along with Midnight, our other (unofficially) adopted cat. 1st try Sally 045


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