Lately, I’ve learned that sometimes you have to consciously decide on something before it happens. I know that sounds obvious but how many times have we let our circumstances dictate our actions and thoughts? Sometimes choosing to respond a certain way can make all the difference.

About two weeks ago, I started getting really stressed about ballet. All the

what ifs and how am I… and there’s no way… started bombarding my thoughts. Consequently, they became manifest in my dancing; I began to get tense. Then, of course, I got even more frustrated because that’s one of the things I’ve been working on for the past two years.

Then I realized that all my worrying and anxiousness was a result of relying on myself. By getting all worked up, I was squishing God down to a size way smaller than He deserves. I lost sight of how big and huge my God really is and had to remind myself that He knows what He is doing.


Then I decided to just rest in the fact that He has it under control. I chose not to worry about what may happen because whatever it may be, He’s got it under control. And because He’s got it under control, I don’t have to get all tense; I don’t have to carry the weight of having it all together. And I don’t have to worry about what my future holds. I just have to relax and be ready for whatever He brings my way. All this is just part of the process of learning to surrender and choosing each day to dance in His freedom.

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