There is some danger in thinking big. There’s the risk of losing sight of the reason behind our actions. We can get so caught up in “making it work” and “fulfilling the dream God has given us” that we miss why God gave us the vision in the first place. We constantly have to recalibrate and ask: What is my goal? Is it to do/be _____ at all costs? Or is it to be strategically placed and used by God in something He’s made me passionate about?

We established in the last post that ultimately, the idea of thinking big is part of learning to surrender; it’s trusting God with your life and not yourself. This includes surrendering the success and outcome of the dream. The truth is, we may never see our dream fulfilled. We may never “make it” in the world’s eyes. And we have to be ok with that.

We have to remember that thinking big doesn’t only apply to the “big” things (the dreams, accomplishments, etc) It also applies to the small stuff; things we think are unimportant or insignificant. All those little details make up a bigger picture. When we look at our plans in light of this bigger picture, our perspective changes. We realize that our dream is a little part of something big and we become aware of the opportunities God has placed us in front of us.

Louie Giglio says, “A pathway of faithfulness is better than a pinnacle of success”* I believe that part of being faithful includes pursuing the dreams God has placed in us—pursuing them to the best of our ability—but not at the expense of making ourselves the center of the story.

Don’t settle for being a big part of something little. God gave you the dream for a reason and even if you don’t see it fulfilled as you imagined, know He was using the process for His glory. Pursue the dream, keeping the bigger picture in mind, trusting God for what He can do and remembering our reward is in heaven—the ultimate pinnacle.


*Sermon at a Passion City Church on 2/6/11

2 thoughts on “Think Big Pt. 2

  1. Ahh…but the dream you are taking part of might be bigger than you and bigger than the dream you thought you were taking part in. Your life just might be the piece that makes the whole puzzle make sense.

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