Maybe I should have renamed this post something like "Things I've begun to learn this summer" or "Lessons I've started…" because, I have a feeling I'll never fully learn these things in this life. But that wouldn't make a catchy title. Anyways, God has seriously been blowing my mind over the past few months. Here's the condensed version.

  • Trust-He's got everything under control even if we don't see it
  • One day at a time-choose daily to live in His grace
  • He is faithful-He's always there even if it's not obvious
  • Live in the moment-don't get caught up in future plans or past events. Focus on what's happening now, who's in front of you now, what God's saying at the moment.
  • He's got plans-more than we can imagine
  • He's in the details-even the "little" ones
  • Think Big
  • Be patient-you can't speed everything up to your timetable (it's really not yours anyway). His timing is perfect.
  • Surrender is a daily thing

What have you learned this summer?

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