Fox theatre

Today, we started tech week. I love this season. I love Nutcracker. I love this theatre. And I'm going to soak up every second; the long rehearsal hours, the special bonds of friendship that come with sharing a production experience, finding a buddy to walk to the car with, the homeless men, between show walks to get lunch, the wind tunnel on Ponce, merde gifts and secret santa, the way Gabe comes around to collect valuables, the smell of aerosol hairspray, sign in sheets with your name spelled wrong, treats in the wig room, "cavalry to the stage for a pre-show fitting" calls, varying orchestra tempi,… I'm thankful for this experience. And though it may become like a routine this month, I don't want to approach it on autopilot. Remind me to be present.
As we go through our Christmas traditions and our schedules pick up the pace, may we take the time to be present and unwrap the mystery, magic, and majesty of the moments before us. May we not get so caught up in the how that we forget the why. And may His grace propel our hearts to love with gratitude and patience even when we don't feel like it. 

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