From a birds' eye view, you would only see me. Standing on that rock.  

Rock, black, flash of gray, driving rain. That's all I see. What'sahead, I don't know. 

The rock is like an island–a pedestal would best describe it. Hard. Solid under my feet. 

My strong tower. 

I see nothing but darkness beyond the surrounding 6 ft radius of slippery, cracked wetness–like an abyss. It's raining–hard. Black clouds roll and swirl above. Lightning turns the world gray for a split second. I'm lonely. 

 …but never alone 

A gust of wind tugs me into its current. Thunder rumbles and I hear the rain calling. Reminding me of all the unanswered questions. Taunting. Whispering doubt. 

Your rod and Your staff comfort me

The driving rain beats down. I can't feel it. I'm not getting wet. I'm not scared. Giant arms encircle me and pull me close.

The shadow of the Almighty; a shield about me. 

My head rests against a muscular chest. Warmth radiates through my tired bones as I hear the heartbeat of my Abba. 

Peace. Perfect peace that surpasses understanding. 

The storm still rages yet inside it is calm. I know who goes before me. 

In Him I find my hope. 
I find my rest.
Bittersweet joy.

Peace, perfect peace. 

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