This weekend Bluebird: uncaged produced it's first show in collaboration with Refuge Dance Company! It was truly an amazing and surreal experience. It was imperfectly perfect and we learned a lot. Still in awe of God working in all the little details and bringing it all together.   

Restored recap

We'd like to thank Katherine and David Gant for inviting us to this collaboration and sharing their resources, talents, and passions. Without their support, Bluebird would not be where it is today.

Restored recap

Humongous thank you to all of the volunteers who took the time out of their Sunday to make sure everything ran smoothly. Especially our personal favorites, Ashton, Ellen, and Hannah!

Restored recap

Our dancers are amazing. Thank you Kristin and Nicole for sharing your artistry, excellence, and story in Breaking Free and Beautiful Things

And last but not least, thank you to our audience for the support. Without you, we would just be talking to ourselves. May your heart be inspired and drawn closer to our Maker.

was an exhausting but fulfilling weekend. God is faithful and what He calls us to, He'll bring to fruition. Can't wait to see where we'll fly next. 

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