glass in your shoes

You always hear about the classic mean girl trick in the ballet world of finding glass in your pointe shoes and think it will never happen to you. But then someone smashes your car window and steals your dance bag just 10 days after your apartment was broken into 3 times and your computer stolen. And you're left cleaning the glass out of your shoes.

Honestly, I feel violated, slightly frightened, definitely angry (jet skis are good for blowing off steam by the way). I don’t want to brush by that too lightly; feelings are real, raw—and sometimes they reveal what’s deep down in our hearts. It hurts; the tears come easily. Like getting a vaccination. Refining. Pruning. Pain for a purpose. 

In earthly terms, I'll probably never know why. But eternally speaking, I know exactly why–that His grace and glory might be made known. He leads me on paths for His name’s sake.

Something that’s come to the surface: our God is sovereign Protector and sole Provider.

Life's adventure won't always be grand. The road might be bumpy and the rain might not let us move forward a quickly as we like. But in the broken we find the beautiful; the way He sets our feet upon a rock, speaks words of encouragement through the Church, and holds us close when it feels like a whirlpool is sucking us in.

I’m choosing joy because I know it develops perseverance. Brushing myself off and standing back up to fight. Choosing to forgive. Praying for whoever put glass in my shoes and stole my computer—because someone else’s eternity is at stake. 

Jesus, for your name's sake; that your grace and glory might be made known.

~2 Corinthians 4~

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