The water swirls; I gasp for air
My arms slap the surface and my legs kick frantically
Tired. Spent. Muscles fatigued. Mind exhausted.
But I must keep fighting.

Fighting gives me purpose.
Fighting fills the void.
Fighting gives me somewhere to expend energy.
Fighting distracts me.

The current takes me.
Downstream. I can't help it.
There's nothing to grab on to.
No embankments. I splash. Swept away.

For a split second I stop fighting.
Where's the current?
Floating. I don't sink.
I look around. Quiet waters.
There's nothing to fight.


Sunshine sparkles.
Birds sing sweetly.
I feel solid rock underneath my feet.
He takes hold of my hand.

He is my purpose.
He fills the void.
He is the source of energy.
He keeps me focused.

Jesus will fight for me.
I need only be still. Green pastures.
Paths of righteousness.
For His Name's sake.

be still and know that I am God. ~Ps. 46:10


...for His name's sake

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