I get up earlier than normal to get ready for a photo shoot. Gather everything I need for the day — tutu, props/outfits for the shoot, shoes, snacks, rehearsal clothes, teaching clothes — oh, can’t find my iPod, so throw the computer in there for class music. Finally make it out the door to the car. The car doesn’t start. 

Ok, problem solver: let’s try jumping it. Joshua doesn’t have cables. I go to the leasing office and ask. Nope. Back up to our place. Caleb has cables. Pop the hood. There’s no coolant. Grrr. I just took it in on Friday and told them it was leaking coolant and they said nothing was wrong. Refill the coolant. Jump doesn’t work. Cancel the photo shoot. Call the auto repair shop. They tell me to tow it to the nearest location. Wait on hold for 20 minutes…they’re sending a tow truck. 

Tow truck takes the Jeep away. Caleb graciously lets me use his car for the day. I’m a few minutes late to class and rehearsal. My heel feels like it has a bad stone bruise. Get out of rehearsal and start to make the trek North to teach. I call for an update on the car. He says he’ll talk to his supervisor. Traffic is at a standstill. Apparently someone strapped a suspicious item to the 14th Street bridge. I take an alternate route. Car place calls in the middle of my class of 7yr olds. They want to tow it to another location. Okay. I head back to ATL. My throat hurts. 

Not the greatest day. As much as I really want to I refuse to join the Mopey Monday Club.

Tuesday my heel still hurts. A frog has taken residence in my throat. The car doesn’t get to the other shop until mid afternoon. By the fourth hour of teaching, my voice barely reaches over a whisper. They’re running an overnight test on the car. But I found my iPod! (it was in my bag the whole time).

 “It’s good practice for considering it all joy” I tell myself. But I don't feel like it.

Wednesday, still no voice. The car gets done in time for me to pick up on the way to teach. Thursday I’m congested and fight to focus through the fog of Mucinex brain. But my heel feels better!


I know the circumstances of my crummy week are petty and pale in comparison to most of the heavy issues faced by many. Not going to lie, it’s super hard to choose joy. But there’s grace.  

Grace is Caleb lending his car and riding the bus to school. Grace is being able to get off the highway to take an alternate route (thanks to that usually awkward Howell Mill ramp to I-75 S/Northside Dr. exit). Grace is Daddy talking to the mechanics for you. Grace is students who bear with you when your voice goes AWOL. Grace is cancelled rehearsal when you really need rest. Grace is free car repairs because the issue was on warranty from a previous job. 

Grace is the ability to look at the bright side; to give thanks in all circumstances. Grace is the reason we can consider it all joy. Because He’s brought our dead heart to life and no crummy week can take that away from us. 

May you refuse to join the Mopey Monday Club.

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