Jonathan is the youngest in the family and also the most energetic. He loves pirates, cars, action figures and his hermit crab, Hermie. He is our little energy ball and we love him very much.

Jonathan is a man of many names. I call him Boo because when he was born, he had enormous eyes. Other names Jonathan has are Spookmiester, Agent Unknown, and The Torch.


Jonathan is quite an interesting 10-year-old. He is great at playing. He can take almost any toy and make a story about it. He makes his playmobiles or lego men talk to each other. Sometimes the pirates are mutineering other times the gladiators are fighting in the colliseum or the world is in need of saving. Boo bear has a huge imagination.

This school year Jonathan did AWANA. He was the first "Clubber of the Month" for this year and finished his first T&T book. Boo also is quite smart and likes to read a lot (he read a G.A. Henty book this year). He loves his webkinz (all 39 of them) and diligently takes care of Hermie. He also hopes to start learning to play the drums soon.


Jonathan at a glance:

Favorite food: Coca-Cola

Favorite hobby: playing with Buzz and Woody

Favorite verse: 1 Samuel 17:45

Secret talent: he can roll his belly


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