Daddy sent this out as his webletter a few weeks ago and I thought it was worth sharing. I have so many things I want to blog but not enough time. This season will pass and I'm just trying to enjoy it for what it is now. Enjoy the post. Oh, BTW, Daddy would be thrilled if you "liked" him on Facebook.

Finishing first…

   … may be the last thing you want.

How would you like to have your name forever enshrined inside the Word of God?  

How would you like to have been fastened there by John the Apostle – the disciple Jesus loved?

Before you read any further, answer these questions.

Now, imagine what that might be like. 

People would know your name for all eternity.  Your children, your grandchildren and generations not yet born would peer into God's Word and find – YOU!

Sound exciting?

Not if your name is Diotrephes.

We know this man's name because the Apostle John called him out. (3 John 9)  And because God's Word lasts forever, creation will  forever witness the rebuke.

We know nothing of Diotrephes save for what John tells us and John tells us enough to distinguish this man from others.

"Diotrephes… loves to be first…"

The good news of salvation was hindered because a man wanted to be first. 

Does this strike a chord?

Why do we men insist on being first? 

What is it that compels us?


Are we trying to prove to ourselves that we are lovable?  Didn't Jesus prove that for us?

The desire to be first leads us to dangerous turf.

Satan wanted to be first and he thrust for God's  throne.  He then slandered his Creator when he whispered in Eden to Eve.

He's been whispering against God and his people ever since.

Diotrephes, James tells us, gossiped maliciously and slandered the saints. 

When the desire to be first consumes us, we align ourselves with Satan – we destroy reputations and block the gospel's advance.

Think you are immune?

How did you first answer the question at the top of this column?

-Daniel C. Diaddigo

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