We all have ideas about what our future will look like. The ones further along the timeline, we call dreams. 

I dreamed about dancing on pointe. I dreamed about wearing a tutu. When I listen to the Grand Pas music from Nutcracker, I dream about dancing it one day. I dream about touring an original production with Bluebird. I dream about what the next generation of Jesus following art/artists looks like. 

Dreams are good. Dreams bring us hope. They give us something to work toward. They’re a romanticized, more flexible version of goals. 

It’s when we become so locked in to our version of the picture and how to get there that we run into trouble. We start to block God out and treat the dream like a goal (getting there by our own sheer strength). 

We think He’ll take it away if we loosen our grip and stop micromanaging. What if God tells me to stop dancing altogether? He might…but refusing to let Him direct our steps is an act of rebellion. It’s sin.  

Holding on to dreams is being selfish with our story. It’s refusing to be fully engaged in God’s story. 

Dreams aren’t meant to be bucket-lists. They should be like our lives and hearts–pieces of clay in the hands of the Potter. Jesus has dreams for us too. May He mold our dreams and desires to His. The pruning process will be painful; what we think we want might not be what we really want. But in the end, He’ll blow our minds and we won’t be disappointed. Because when we connect our little stories to the Jesus story our hearts are fueled with purpose. 


Jesus, we want to be fully engaged in your story. Mold these dreams and desires to yours.  Even if we’re scared of handing over these pictures in our minds, we want to want to surrender. Teach us to trust. May we believe you when you say you are a God of immeasurably more. Let us be fulfilled in Your purposes and dreams for our little stories. 


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