Sometimes my brain likes to jump ahead and imagine scenarios that are possible but completely improbable when viewed in light of the current situation.

Example: earlier this week, I spent 15 minutes looking at flight/wardrobe cases in custom colors for when Bluebird tours an original, full length production around the world–probably not happening any time soon. I have to remind myself to rein it in; or sometimes other people do that for me.

It’s fun to imagine big things for the future. It’s inspiring, motivating. It keeps the dream alive (and sometimes makes me so giddy I can’t sleep). But just as much as worry distracts us, dwelling on the “one day” can cause us to be blind to the “today.” 

From the flight cases, I jumped to designing costumes for a future children’s ballet. Rapidly sending texts to Mommy as thoughts cross my mind. “One week at a time” appears in the next gray bubble and she gently reminds me that I have a show this weekend. Right. Rein it in, Rebekah. Being instead of doing. 

There’s something between our imagination and things coming to fruition called reality. It’s tempting to blame the state of our current situation on “not being there yet” but big dreams come with responsibility. 

Reality is the now. 
Reality is today. 
Today is the responsibility. 

Today. Now, is all we have under our control.

The “one day” is actually the result of baby steps taken in faithful, courageous obedience. Reality is made up of the opportunities and decisions that need to be made at the current moment. It’s preparing for the “one day” What books do I need to read/classes do I need to take/who do I need to reach out to? 

Stewarding today well will take us to the "one day". Those impossible and improbable scenarios might become the current situation. Or the “one day” might look nothing like the pictures in our head. Yet if it’s a dream molded by God and the “today” is spent seeking His heart in courageous obedience, it’s guaranteed to be amazing. 


How are you going to leverage your today for the one day?

PS–the show this weekend is Georgia Ballet's world premiere of Alexandre Proia's Four Seasons. Click below for more info

GAB 4 seasons

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